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"Z-Stacks are bad enough, but Bluenose... he's something else."
— Ten Cents on Bluenose, Munitions

Bluenose is an officious naval tug.


Bluenose first appeared in "Regatta," in which he attempted to have Grampus blown up in target practice. He later appeared in "Munitions," in which he was to watch over Kraka-Toa's arrival, loading and departure. He was shown attempting to order Hercules, O.J., the Fire Tug, Ten Cents, Zorran and Big Mickey about. However, his attempts to be the one in charge led to disaster when he did not listen to good advice from the other tugs, causing a devastating fire which led to the destruction of part of the dockside, the sinking of Big Mickey and destruction of Kraka-Toa. During the fire, his engine broke down and he was saved by Ten Cents. The chaos left him in a state of shell shock. He was towed home in disgrace by Grampus the next morning.

In the story Nothing to Declare, Bluenose came to inspect the dock as a security check before two top-secret navy vessels arrived to dock in Bigg City Port for awhile. He did a thorough inspection and managed to annoy Captain Star and Warrior in the process.

Bluenose's whistle plays a high note with a distinct warble, giving it a very bubbly sound.
Bluenose Hooter 1


Bluenose plays precisely by the rules, and acts as a stereotypical army sergeant towards the other characters. He is obnoxious, bossy, pompous, and self-centred. He often refers to the other tugs as 'laddie' and is notorious for putting orders before using common sense.

Bluenose also has a tendency to abuse his status as a naval tug, and is not above bullying other tugs to get his way. Ten Cents even considers him to be worse than the Z-Stacks.


Bluenose is painted blue-grey all over with his name printed on his sides in white. He wears a white sailor's cap.

Top Speed- 15-20 knots



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  • Bluenose's model is shared with Sea Rogue.
  • He shares the same whistle sound as the Fultan Ferry and Sea Rogue.
  • His model was sold to the Star Tugs Company (formerly the Star Tugs Trust), but had been converted into the character of Sea Rogue since the closure of the show.
  • It is currently unknown if Bluenose's face masks still exist.
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