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Burke and Blair, known formally as Mr. Burke and Mr. Blair, are notorious, dark-hearted scrap dealers and scavengers. They are always seen together, and have small appearances in a couple of episodes and stories across the series. Their first and most notable appearance is in the episode "Quarantine," where they try to convince Captain Star that O.J. is ready for scrap, but fail to convince both the determined Captain and O.J. They later appear at the end of "Ghosts," when they pull away the Ghostly Galleon.



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Behind the Scenes

Their names and occupations are an obvious reference to Burke and Hare; known as the Edinburgh corpse dealers from 1827-28. Whereas Burke and Hare secretly murdered people and sold them as corpses, Burke and Blair legally deal in scrap metal.

In Salty's Lighthouse they became movie producers named Mr. Boffo and Mr. Socko.

Unlike Sea Rogue, Bluenose, Boomer and Sea Rogue's Uncle, the production crew made both Burke and Blair have their own separate models so they could appear on screen at the same time.

Their models were reused from pirate tugs and were temporarily used for two tugs in the White Fleet.

Their faces were both sculpted by former Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends modelmaker, Jeremy King.


  • Although based on the same tugboat, the two of them have very different facial features. Blair has a grey mustache whilst Burke has no mustache at all. Burke has square shaped glasses and Blair's are round. Burke has a wider nose where as Blair's nose is long, narrow and straight.
  • The logo on the sides of their stacks shows two B's arranged back to back, resembling their names.
  • Even though they were renamed in "Salty's Lighthouse" to Mr. Boffo and Mr. Socko, their original names on their hulls are still visible.
  • Their models were sold to The Star Tugs Company (formerly The Star Tugs Trust), all models were intact except for Burke, who is currently missing his glasses.
  • They seem to not belong to the Star Fleet or the Zero Fleet. They may come from another unknown fleet (because of their funnel insignias).
  • Their models were made from the pirate tugs and were used for two tugs in the White Fleet.
  • They are two of three tugs with faces that haven't tooted their hooters, the other one being Boomer.