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"The tugboat, for its size, is the most powerful craft afloat.... and the Star Tugs, are the power behind the docks and waterways that make up the Bigg City Port. This is TUGS."
Captain Star, TUGS Intro

Captain Star is the most prominent character in the whole series, due to the fact that he narrates it, doing so in past tense, and in a way that makes it clear that he is no longer at the helm of the fleet, and has retired since sometime in the 1920s. He uses a white and blue megaphone to call out to the Star Tugs.


It is unknown whether he is looking back from the actual time the show was released, in the late '80s, or before, neither is it known who he is recounting his memories to. He narrates all thirteen episodes.

He is a veteran sailor, and owns and cares for the Star Fleet. He always appears as a loudhailer in the window of the Star Dock building. He takes great pride in his fleet, but he knows that it is important to be hard on them in order to succeed. He is usually very strict if something does not go as shipshape as it is supposed to.

He has seven tugs and one submarine (from Regatta onwards), within his fleet. They are as follows: Ten Cents (1), Big Mac (2), O.J. (3), Top Hat (4), Warrior (5), Hercules (6), Sunshine (7), and Grampus (8).

Like other characters, such as Captain Zero, the Quarry Master, the Garbage Corporation, and the Fuel Depot, Captain Star never makes an appearance as a person and is only represented by voiceover and with his megaphone.



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  • In Salty's Lighthouse, Captain Star is portrayed as a female character instead, presumably to appeal at a wider audience of children.

7 Tugs | 1 Submarine | 1 Former Member
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