Clearwater features

Clearwater Features Ltd. was a film production company in Shepperton Studios in the UK that created the hit Television South children's show Tugs and produced the first two series of Thomas & Friends from 1984-1986 for Britt Allcroft Railway Productions. The company was founded by Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton who originally directed Thomas. They also produced commercials alongside Tugs and Thomas & Friends. It eventually closed down on New Year's Eve 1990. When Britt Allcroft returned home from the US, she purchased the Tugs models, and Thomas & Friends remained in production from 1991-2003 until it was absorbed by HiT Entertainment in 2004.


  • Big Mac was seen towing a barge with a model of the Clearwater Features logo throughout the episode Regatta.
  • When Clearwater Features was shutdown, Robert Cardona went to live in Canada while David Mitton went to work for The Britt Allcroft Company.