"Ahoy there - hove to! Customs inspection! You are within port limits! I'm coming aboard!"
Coast Guard to Johnny Cuba, High Winds

The Coast Guard is a port authority launch vessel. He often stands at the entrance to the estuary ready to question and check incoming shipping before clearance. On other occasions he stands by and overlooks large-scale operations, such as demolition and quarry work. He also doubled as a "one-man" police-force. Despite his size, he has heavy influence and authority over the vessels of the port.


He makes numerous cameo appearances, but has minor speaking roles in the episodes High Winds, Warrior and Quarantine. In the episode High Winds, he is rammed into the rocks by Johnny Cuba, later to be found and rescued by Zebedee. He later arrested Johnny Cuba. In Warrior, he oversees the pulling down of old buildings at the old quayside. In Quarantine, he is seen quarantining and clearing ships to enter the harbour and admonishes Nantucket for having his flags down without permission and puts Zorran under Quarantine.

He is voiced by British actor Lee Cornes, who also voiced Grampus, Billy Shoepack and Boomer in the series. Cornes gives the Coast Guard a neutral Posh English accent.

In the Buzz Books and annual stories, he is referred to as The Customs Launch. In Salty's Lighthouse, he and his messenger are merged into one character called "Cappy."

The Coast Guard's whistle plays a high-pitched note with a whooping sound.
Coast Guard Hooter 1

Top Speed- 110 mph



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  • Because of his small size, the eye and wheelhouse mechanisms could not be added to his model.
  • Coast Guard's model was reused as a fishing boat in TUGS' sister show, Thomas & Friends.
    • The model remained mostly unmodified in Season 3, though in the episode All at Sea, Coast Guard's model can be spotted with a different mast and his name removed from his bow. However, in Season 4, it was repainted light grey.




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