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The Dock Railway is a railway company in Bigg City Port. It serves the dockyards of Bigg City as well as Mittsville and Uptown.

They own Puffa and Little Owl, who wears the company's name on his side tanks, along with a variety of rolling stock. Apart from locomotives and rolling stock, the Dock Railway also owns Frank and Eddie, a pair of twin car floats.

The railway which spans over the canal is part of the Dock Railway. After the accident in High Tide, the Steel Company was given the contract for providing the steel to repair the bridge.

Unlike TUGS' sister series, Thomas & Friends, the engines do not have faces and speak with megaphones. Although, Puffa is the only engine that spoke in the show.

The railway seems to be based on the New York Dock Railway, which was located alongside the Hudson River in New York. This railway also owned car floats similar to Frank and Eddie, and provided the contracts for New York Central Tugboat 13.



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