"Yeah, we can't wait around though, Sally! This afternoon, the Duchess is coming in! If we finish early, we can watch!"
Ten Cents, Sunshine

The Duchess is one of the biggest ocean liners in Bigg City Port.


When the Duchess first arrived in Bigg City Port, the Star Fleet had the contract to tow her in. Meanwhile, the Z-Stacks had a plan to steal the contract. While the Star Fleet was bringing the Duchess into port, Zorran, who saw his chance, bumped Sunshine hard and sent him flying into the rudder of the Duchess. However, Zorran did not know that Izzy Gomez had seen the whole incident. The Z-Stacks were pleased with their plan. However, the truth soon got around and they ended up losing the contract.


The Duchess appears to be based on the RMS Queen Mary and/or the SS Imperator, which was given to the Cunard Line after World War I to replace the RMS Lusitania which was torpedoed of the coast of Ireland in 1915, and renamed Berengaria after the 12th Century English queen of the same name. Like the Imperator (Berengaria), she has three stacks, a open promenade, and is 919 feet long. When Captain Star said that she is one of the biggest liners around, he means that she is not the largest liner in the world, a reference to how Imperator was surpassed by her younger sisters Leviathan and Majestic.


The Duchess has a black hull, a white superstructure and black-and-red funnels. She is painted in the same livery as Princess Alice.



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  • According to an interview on SiF, her model was described as very light as it was made from Plywood, being around four feet long. A model maker from Germany built her and brought the model over by vehicle.
  • The Duchess, Princess Alice and S.S. Vienna all share the same model. After TUGS' production was cancelled, the model (in the form of S.S. Vienna) was used on Thomas & Friends, the sister show of TUGS.
    • The three ocean liners also share the same horn sound.
Vienna Horn 01