Heat Wave is the first story in the 1990 annual.


It has been a long, hot summer in Bigg City Port, and Captain Star's tugs are longing for some cooler weather, especially Warrior. As usual, Warrior is busy taking garbage barges to the city dump, and the hot weather is making his work even more unpleasant than usual. When Captain Star calls Warrior over to the Star Dock for an urgent job at the old docks to help Scuttlebutt Pete, Warrior is thrilled with the news, knowing there will be cooler weather in the old docks, and for the fact to get away from the smelly rubbish barge. Curious, Warrior asks Captain Star where he should put the rubbish barge, and Captain Star said he should leave it out of the way. During his travels, Warrior places the barge inside a narrow gulley behind the the Zero Dock. Meanwhile at the Zero Pier, Captain Zero is finished giving his tugs their jobs for the day, when Zip and Zug notice Warrior steaming off, then smelling the stinky rubbish in the air. As Warrior was helping Scuttlebutt Pete, Zug tows the barge away from the pier. When Warrior finishes his work, he goes to find his barge of rubbish, but it is not at the back of the Zero Pier. Darkness falls, and Warrior is searching all over the harbour looking for the rubbish barge. Giving up, he heads back to the Star Pier. As Ten Cents and Sunshine are wondering where Warrior could have gone, Grampus surfaces above the water, asking if any of them lost a barge. It turns out the barge is near the harbour mouth. Grampus also notes the barge is full of rubbish, just as Warrior steams in. Ten Cents and Sunshine start joking when Warrior asks where his barge is, and both switchers jokingly suggest he should just follow his nose to the barge.



  • Grampus has the flag of England on him.


  • Grampus is out of scale.