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"Oh no, I know that whistle!"
"It's the Goods Train!
Top Hat, Eddie

High Tide is the seventh episode of TUGS.


Big Mac arrives at the briefing covered in coal dust from funnel to hull, having worked all the night long. Top Hat rudely teases him for it. Warrior states that Big Mac doesn't smell from coal, but Top Hat declares they should have a reputation to be clean before coming to the Star Dock and Warrior defends his brother until Captain Star begins the briefing. He sends Top Hat to pick up Lord Stinker after car-ferry jobs, much to his disgust. Top Hat tries to argue his way out of it, but fails. Sunshine is then sent to help Ten Cents, who is already working, and O.J. is sent to pickup a new propeller from Lucky's Yard, where Sunshine will help him after finishing his work. Big Mac and Warrior are sent to pick up steel, and Captain Star warns them to be careful, as the highest tide in years is taking place.

As Big Mickey, the port's largest crane, is preparing for the move to the new location, Big Mac and Warrior run into Zebedee and Zak, who are also competing for the steel contract. Zak and Zebedee jokingly count Warrior on the Z-Stacks side because of all the trouble he caused, and leave with their heavy load. Big Mickey loads the steel and wishes Big Mac and Warrior luck as they begin their trip to the new steelworks location. Shortly after, Zebedee and Zak decide to cut through the canal, seeing as it is too narrow for both them and the Stars to go through at the same time. Big Mac and Warrior find out about this, but they need not worry about losing the contract because with Zebedee's tall load, the high tide, and low bridges, the Z-Stacks are sure to get their due.

Meanwhile, Top Hat is also going through the canal with Frank, Eddie and Lord Stinker. He spots the two Z-Stacks, and they argue over who will pass and who will turn back. Zebedee and Top Hat both try to go through, and find out who'll make it through, but then Top Hat backs away, seeing that Zebedee's load will hit the railway bridge. Zebedee cannot reverse, and winds up ramming his load into the railway bridge. As he and Zak go for help, Puffa (though not mentioned by name), pulling the mail train, makes his way toward the bridge, which has been weakened by Zebedee's steel. Top Hat has an idea. He plans to prop the bridge up with Zebedee's load. The steel is put into place, and it holds up long enough for the mail train to pass.

Unfortunately, the steel collapses along with the bridge soon after, just as the Goods Engine makes its way towards it. Lord Stinker has an idea: to attempt to catch the train by waiting in front of the broken rail. His idea works, and no serious damage is caused to the goods engine or its wagons. The next day, Zebedee and Zak help repair the bridge. The Steel Company is not happy about the damage they have done to their steel rig, and the Star Fleet are given the steel contract as the bridge is rebuilt, whilst the Steel Company are paid for supplying the metal.



  • This episode marks Big Mickey and Eddie's last speaking roles.
  • Hercules, Zorran and Zug do not appear in this episode.
  • A stock image from this episode shows Top Hat looking happy with Zebedee, even though in it, the two were cross with each other when they charged towards the bridge. This can be found on the back of the Japanese VHS of the episode.
  • This is the Goods Engine's only distinct role.
  • This is the only episode in which Ten Cents is not part of the main storyline.
  • The Japanese title of this episode is called "Top Hat's Outstanding Performance".
  • This is the final episode where Scuttlebutt Pete and Captain Zero appear. However, Captain Zero is mentioned in later episodes.
  • This marks the only appearance of The Railway Crane.


  • In the close-ups of Zebedee moving toward the bridge, his load is either not moving, or moving at a slower pace than he is.
  • Sunshine is never shown going to help O.J. with the propeller, even though he promised that he would be there.
    • It is possible, however, that Sunshine did go to help O.J., though the scene where it happens was never actually filmed.
  • When Big Mac arrives covered in coal, the coal makes a dark circle around his mouth. In a later shot, the dark circle is gone, due to Big Mac wearing a different face.
  • In the close up of Big Mac saying, "You be careful, Warrior," his eyes look wonky.
  • As Zebedee and the steel rig head towards the bridge, in one shot Top Hat reverses with his load, but when it cuts back to Zebedee, he is still there.
  • When Top Hat and Zebedee charge at the bridge, Top Hat is not moving in one of the shots.
  • When Top Hat and Lord Stinker move the steel rig into place, Top Hat's bow ropes are missing, then in another shot, they're back again. 
  • When the bridge collapses completely, a small flame can be seen at the end of the tracks, which disappears in the next shot.
  • In the first shot of Puffa, he has two coaches, but in the next shot he only has one.
  • The bridge wobbles when Puffa first crosses it.
  • When Puffa crosses the bridge, he was going at a slower speed, than he previously was, when coming towards the bridge.
  • When Top Hat and Lord Stinker head to the steal load, Lord Stinker is besides it, but when Top Hat pulls it under the bridge, he is beside it.
  • When Big Mac says, "We've as much right to go for this contract as you have" and "Zak's engine doesn't sound too healthy, Warrior," he is already hooked up to his barge and facing the other way. The same thing happens with Warrior when Zebedee says, "We count you on our side."
  • In two scene, the reflection of the lighting equipment of the studio can be seen in the water.
  • A caboose should have been attached to the Goods Engine.
  • When Lord Stinker says, "Rubbish can be valuable stuff," he is in a different part of the harbour, and the Goods Engine is chained to his hull.
  • When the Goods Train is first shown nearing the bridge, the flat truck is derailed.

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