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"Ay-ay-ay, what a day! I gotta get a tow and unload these bananas!"
Izzy Gomez, "Sunshine"

Izzy Gomez is an old Mexican tramp steamer. He delivers bananas from Mexico to San Juan Bananas in Bigg City Port.


Izzy will often try to convince tugs to tow him into port for free or at least for a cut-price rate, and is not above trying to sneak in against the law. However, he does have good within him that was revealed in "Sunshine," so he is more of a rogue than a villain. He's good friends with Warrior and Big Mac of the Star Fleet and has a frenemy relationship with Zorran.

During his time in Bigg City Port, Izzy has been subjected to ghost hosts and potential sinking. The back of his hull is labelled Puerto Grande, roughly translated as Large Port or Grand Port. He has a strong Mexican accent and wears a sombrero. Izzy also has the Mexican flag as his smokestack insignia.

Once, he tried to sneak into port for free, but ended up in trouble and almost capsized. Eventually, he was saved thanks to Mighty Mo, Scuttlebutt Pete, Ten Cents, Big Mac, Top Hat, Lord Stinker and Warrior, but the Coast Guard said that he would report Izzy for coming in without a tow, which meant a hefty fine.

Izzy's whistle is really Sunshine's in a lower pitch.

Izzy Hooter 01


The bottom half of Izzy's hull is painted black with a red stripe above it, the top half is painted grey, with large patches of rust, his superstructure is painted white with a Mexican-flag styled green, orange, and white funnel, and he wears a brown sombrero.

Top Speed- 30 knots



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After Tugs

After the series finale of Tugs, Izzy Gomez's model was used in Thomas & Friends, where he makes several faceless cameos in Seasons 3-5. His sombrero and face were removed to make him look less characteristic. Due to the fact that the model was never seen after Season 5, it is currently unknown where his model is.


  • On Salty's Lighthouse, Izzy was given an American accent, despite him keeping most of his Mexican features, including his sombero. This could have apparently been done to avoid having a stereotypical Mexican character in the US segments.
  • Only two face masks were ever made for Izzy.


"Uh! No tug, Izzy! That's illegal!"
"...and stupid!
Zip and Zug to Izzy, Warrior
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