Kidnapped is a Buzz Book and was the first title to be released in the series. It was written by Fiona Hardwick and released in 1990.


The story starts with the Star Tugs telling stories about past adventures with each other, then going off to do their jobs. Sunshine has the task of pulling Lord Stinker. He hopes that someday, he could have an adventure of his own. Zip and Zug overhear him and decide to kidnap him. The two switchers bump and escort Sunshine away without him realising who is doing it. He is tormented throughout the kidnapping and is soon tied up inside a shed. Zip and Zug leave him in there; despite this, Sunshine is able to cut himself free from the rope.

The rest of the Star Tugs wonder where Sunshine is and with Zorran's aid, they go out to search for him. They arrive back at the Star Dock and find Sunshine has returned. Sunshine tells the adventure he had to the other Stars. Zip and Zug try sneak away but Zorran catches them, scolds them for their actions, and puts them on dredger detail.



  • The events in this story take place after the episode Sunshine.
  • In one scene, Lord Stinker's face is the same colour of the rest of his hull.


  • In one illustration, Zip and Zug are missing their numbers.


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