"Be sure to get that barge under Boomer as soon as you can. He's heavy, and I don't want to hold him too long."
— Mighty Mo, Jinxed

Mighty Mo is Bigg City Port's largest floating crane, well known for his booming voice.


Mighty Mo is used for many salvage operations, in which he usually takes charge. Once, his hawser jammed whilst lifting Boomer out of the water. He also helped the rescue operation to save Lillie Lightship from sinking. Once, he also helped the Fultan Ferry after an accident.

He has the same whistle sound as Johnny Cuba. Also, it's Warrior's at a lower pitch.
Mighty Mo's Hooter 01



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  • For only two episodes, Pirate and Jinxed, Mighty Mo is the only character to have two megaphones (rather than one), which could explain about his booming voice.
    • Having two megaphones might mean that he has two operators.
  • The name Mighty Mo might be a possible reference to the real life battleship, USS Missouri, as one of it's nicknames is Mighty Mo.