Mistaken Identity is the second story in the 1989 TUGS Annual.


One night, Zip and Zug spot an old, rusty paddleboat. They go and tell Zorran, who informs the news to Burke and Blair. But when Zip and Zug try to find the paddleboat, they misplace it for O.J. Thus, he is sent to The Breaker's Yard by mistake. When Zip and Zug find out about what they had done, they find it best to leave him, so the Z-Stacks could have more work. Luckily, Big Mac gets word about the situation, and saves O.J.



  • This is the only time O.J. is seen without glasses.
  • This is one of the few stories not to feature neither Ten Cents nor Sunshine.


  • In the fifth illustration, Zug is missing the lamp from his hat.


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