"Municipal Garbage Day falls on the same day as the Bigg City Festival.
So, to join in all the fun, we, the Garbage Corporation, are gonna make our own barge float!
No flowers or fancy bits, just prime colourful garbage.
— O. Krappenschmitt, Regatta
Municipal Garbage Corporation

The Municipal Garbage Corporation, is a company in Bigg City Port that deals with all the waste and rubbish. The owner of the yard organised the Municipal Garbage Corporation float for the annual Regatta. The company owns Lord Stinker, a garbage barge and Jack, a grapple crane. Warrior usually works there and occasionally visits there.

The building is grey and with the words, THE MUNICIPAL GARBAGE CO. OF BIGG CITY, written in black. The manager speaks trough a megaphone. The building is covered with a bunch of garbage.

The manager's name appears to be O. Krappenschmitt.