Nothing to Declare is a Buzz Book and was the third title to be released in the series. It was written by Fiona Hardwick and released in 1990.


Captain Star informs the Star Tugs about Bluenose coming later to check that they're all present and correct. O.J. explains that it's all about two new top secret Navy vessels which are to be docked.

But meanwhile in the estuary, the Customs Launch finds Johnny Cuba, only to find nothing on him. Johnny is looking for a tow when the Customs sees Sunshine and asks him to tow Johnny into port. However Sunshine is unable because he is getting ready for Bluenose's inspection, which Johnny overhears. Later Big Mac, O.J., Ten Cents and Zip all pass Johnny but all are unable to give him a tow. Eventually when all alone, he notices a grey submarine which quickly submerges. Johnny goes out to investigate, believing it to be a spy.

Bluenose later comes to search the harbour in order to get ready for the inspection. Whilst back in the estuary, Johnny searches for the suspicious submarine, which he quickly finds, rams it into the banks, and waits for the Customs Launch and Bluenose to capture it. When Bluenose and the customs launch do arrive to take the submarine into custody, they thank Johnny Cuba for his work, and smiling, Johnny replies, "There's only room for one scoundrel around here: me! Now, where is my tow?"



  • This is the only time Johnny Cuba reveals his good side (but not in the TV series).