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Old Man is a small harbor tug from Up River, who is the uncle of Sea Rogue.



Sea Rogue's Uncle was once trapped in an old warehouse by some pirates who made his nephew, Sea Rogue, steal barges for them in order to set him free. Otherwise, they would sink him.

One night, Sea Rogue was found by Grampus, Ten Cents, and Sunshine. After some explaining, they devised a plan to capture the Pirates. Meanwhile, Zip and Zug found the Old Warehouse where Sea Rogue's uncle and the stolen barges were being held, but were soon chased out by the Pirate Tugs. Once the Pirates left the warehouse, Grampus went to rescue Sea Rogue’s Uncle.

When everything had settled, Sea Rogue and his Uncle left for upriver the following morning.


Sea Rogue's Uncle is an elderly tug who both cares for, and often jokes around with his nephew. He's a kind tug who knows the differences between right or wrong, as depicted by his pleading for Sea Rogue not to steal barges while being held for ransom.


His livery consists of a black hull sporting a white top, a light orange superstructure with white trim, and a red smokestack. The starboard side of his superstructure is boarded up.

He also wears a black bowler hat.



Salty's Lighthouse

  • Who Took My Crayons? (cameo)


  • Sea Rogue's Uncle shares a model with Boomer.
    • The model was dressed as Boomer first, as Jinxed was the second episode filmed for the series.
    • His hat's mould would later be used for Burke and Blair's.
  • After TUGS' production ended, his model was purchased by The Star Tugs Company, an organization which showcases the models, in the form of Boomer.
    • There are some hints that the model both tugs shared was in the midst of being changed back into Sea Rogue's Uncle for the (later cancelled) second season:
      • His smokestack is red whilst Boomer's is green, but the red funnel is the one currently on the model.
      • Since season two would have taken place Up River where Sea Rogue and his uncle work, this would make sense.
  • He only has one face mask.
  • He is one of two tugs with faces but no names, the other being the Fire Tug.
  • He is one of the few characters not to appear in Salty's Lighthouse.