"Clumsy old tug, that Warrior, but it wouldn't half be boring without him!"
Old Rusty, "Warrior"

Old Rusty is an old tramp steamer.



Old Rusty only appears brief briefly in Warrior, anchored out in the estuary, claiming to have been anchored there for 2 years. After his encounter with Warrior, he joked with the tug, saying it would be boring without him.

Salty's Lighthouse

He makes 2 appearances in Salty's Lighthouse, first getting bumped by Warrior and telling him to watch where he's going. His 2nd appearance is in a flashback, where Top Hat, Warrior and Otis were reminiscing about also getting bumped.


Old Rusty is a kind and friendly tramp steamer.

Top Speed- 30 knots



Voice Actors


Salty's Lighthouse


  • It is currently unknown where his model is. The only part that is left of him at the moment is his face mask.
  • Old Rusty is 1 of the few characters that only has one face mask, the others being Sea Rogue's Uncle, Frank and Eddie, Burke and Blair and Johnny Cuba.
  • His model is a combination of Nantucket's hull with Johnny Cuba's superstructure and funnel.


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