"Hello, everyone! This is the Princess Alice welcoming you to the annual regatta!"
Princess Alice, "Regatta"

The Princess Alice is a large ocean liner who once visited Bigg City Port.


When a regatta was being held on the 4th of July, the Princess Alice took part in it and was the commentator.

Sometime later, she came back to Bigg City Port and the Star Fleet had to bring her in and dock her. However, they were finding it difficult, due to the high winds. Princess Alice's rudder was also damaged and she could not assist in the operation. All seemed lost when the Star Fleet started to lose her, and any second they will be crushed between her and the quayside. They desperately needed another tug. Reluctantly, Zebedee helps them and Princess Alice was under control, much to Zorran's shock and disgust.



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Stylistically, with her Edwardian lines and twin funnels, Princess Alice closely resembles the Canadian vessels Empress of Britain and her sister Empress of Ireland, which sunk in the St. Lawrence River in 1914; she might also be based on the Cunard Line's RMS Queen Elizabeth. Her name also seems to reference another doomed vessel, the Princess Alice.


Princess Alice has a black hull, a white superstructure, and black-and-red funnels. She is painted in the same livery as the Duchess.

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  • According to an interview on SiF, her model was described as very light as it was made from Plywood, being around four feet long. A model maker from Germany built her and brought the model over by vehicle.
  • Her profile card in the Board Game incorrectly states her nationality as American.
  • Even though Princess Alice is female, her voice resembles a male.
  • On the cover of the book "O.J.'s Bad Day," Princess Alice had a face and a sentient whistle with an orange hat.
  • Princess Alice, Duchess, and S.S. Vienna all share the same model. After TUGS' production was cancelled, the model (in the form of S.S. Vienna) was used on Thomas & Friends, the sister show of TUGS.
    • The three ocean liners also share the same horn sound.
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