"Oi, Puffa! Are you in trouble?"
"No, you are, Ten Cents! Sunshine's trapped in a log jam!
Puffa alerting Ten Cents, Up River.

Puffa is a grey tank engine who works on the Dock Railway with the goods engine in Bigg City Port.



Puffa is a goods engine owned by the Dock Railway, who is used for hauling wagons. He can be seen hauling both mail or freight trains either in the port or upriver.

He is frequently shown to be a firm friend of the Star Fleet. His relationship with the Z-Stacks has not been established. However, Zorran, Zebedee, and Zak are heard persuading him to escape from the flames in the episode, Munitions.

Like many other non-boat characters and faceless boats, he communicates with a megaphone sticking out of his cab window.

Puffa speaks with a Birmingham accent.

Salty's Lighthouse

In Salty's Lighthouse, Puffa was simply just referred to as "The Train" for most of his appearances. He was referred to as "Chooch" during one episode, however.


Puffa is based on a German DRG Class 80, but has been modified with many American features, such as an oil-burning headlight, a diamond smokestack, a cowcatcher, and an American-style whistle.

Puffa Whistle 01

He also has rear buffers to accommodate the semi-British rolling stock in the show. These are only present on the back due to the cowcatcher occupying his front.

Puffa's gauge was Gauge 1, similar to the scale models used for the first twelve series of Thomas and Friends.


Puffa is painted in a dull grey all over, excluding his bright orange megaphone.

Top Speed- 40 mph



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Salty's Lighthouse


  • Despite being called "The Train" and "Chooch" in Salty's Lighthouse, someone was heard saying "Hurry, Puffa" in the episode, Eight is too Much.
  • Puffa is the only railway locomotive character in TUGS to have a speaking role.
  • His whistle sounds resembles a Star Brass 5 Chime or a Chinese 5 Chime.
  • In the Finnish dub, Puffa is called "Tussu."
  • It is currently unknown where Puffa's model is.



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