""Oi, Puffer! You in trouble?"
"No, you are, Ten Cents! Sunshine's trapped in a log jam!"
Puffer alerting Ten Cents, Up River.

Puffer is a goods engine who works on the Dock Railway with Little Owl in Bigg City Port and Up River. Like many other non-boat characters and faceless boats, he communicates with a megaphone sticking out of his cab window.

He speaks with a Birmingham accent.


In Munitions, he was almost destroyed by the fire and the explosions caused by Bluenose. Luckily both the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks warned him and he was able to get away. In Up River, he warned Ten Cents that Sunshine was trapped in a log jam Up River.


He is frequently shown to be a firm friend of the Star Fleet. His relationship with the Z-Stacks has not been established. However, Zorran, Zebedee, and Zak are heard persuading him to escape from the flames in the episode, Munitions.

Audio Files

His whistle is Little Owl's whistle at a higher pitch.

His whistle sounds resembles a Star Brass 5 Chime or a Chinese 5 Chime. His whistle was also heard in the 1978 movie "Wombling Free" in the song "Wombling Tie and Tails".


Puffer is based on a DRG Class 80, which is a German engine. However, he has been modified with several American and British features.

His American modifications include an oil-burning headlight, a diamond smokestack, a cowcatcher, and an American style whistle. He also burns wood instead of coal.

His British styled modifications are a screwlink coupling and rear buffers which accomodate the British style rolling stock in the show and made filming a lot easier.

His unmodified basis can go around 28 miles per hour, so Puffer can likely go at a similar speed.


Puffer is painted in a dull grey all over, excluding his bright orange megaphone.



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Salty's Lighthouse


  • Since the characters mostly speak with British accents, whenever they say Puffer it sounds like Puffa.
  • Since the director, David Mitton, wasn't fond of Little Owl, Puffer was created to replace his roles.
  • Puffer is the only railway locomotive character in TUGS to have a speaking role.
  • Puffer's model was Gauge 1, similar to the models used to film the first twelve series of TUGS' sister show, Thomas & Friends.
  • The sound of Puffer's brakes were originally from the film, "The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery".
  • In Salty's Lighthouse, Puffer was simply just referred to as "The Train" for most of his appearances. However he was referred to as "Chooch" for one episode.
  • In the Finnish dub, Puffer is called "Tussu."
  • After TUGS production ended, Puffer was likely taken apart and used for scrap on Thomas & Friends, like Little Owl.


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