This article is about the sticker book. You may be looking for the episode.

Regatta is a sticker book that is loosely based on the television episode of the same name. It was released in 1989 by HEINEMANN books and written by Penny Morris. The story is entirely picture drawings (exactly like the Buzz Books). It also included 30 different stickers to stick on different pages in precise places.

Publisher's summary

It's the day of the Bigg City Regatta and Captain Star's tugs are looking forward to the Grand Parade.

A colourful book with stickers to peel off and press into position to complete the pictures.

Differences to episode

  • The incident with Lillie doesn't even happen nor is it mentioned.
  • The Z-Stacks aren't featured in the story or mentioned.
  • The story starts with Ten Cents and Sunshine heading back to the Star Tugs pier.
  • Grampus comes to Ten Cents and Sunshine to tell them about how he will be destroyed.
  • Grampus is pulled by rope away by Bluenose instead of Grampus following him.
  • Only Ten Cents and Sunshine help to slip Grampus away from the firing range.
  • Instead of a barge of wooden logs, a normal barge is used.
  • Bluenose comes to the Star Dock to complain to Captain Star about what happened to which he tells him he'll buy Grampus.
  • The story ends with the Star Tugs pulling barges in the parade with each tug pulling the same barge of decorated flowers and palm trees with flags.
  • Hercules is also pulling a barge and is decorated.
  • Instead of Warrior pulling Lord Stinker, he pulls a barge full of scrap metal.