Run Aground is a Buzz Book and was the second title to be released in the series. It was written by Fiona Hardwick and released in 1990.


Captain Zero is angry as he is not getting any job contracts, so he tells his Z-Stacks to go out and find some. Zorran and Zug trick Big Mac and Sunshine into thinking the others are in trouble so the Star Tugs would give their jobs to the Z-Stacks.

Later out in the estuary, a storm tosses Lillie Lightship, causing her last oil drum to go overboard. A freighter who is looking for Lillie's light crashes into the rocks and gets stuck. Answering a distress signal, Zug finds Lillie and the crashed freighter and hurries to find help. When he goes to Zorran for aid, he thinks Zug is trying to trick him. However, he finds Warrior and asks him if he can help instead, even though he is not sure if he can trust him. The two find the freighter and pull her into port, so she can be docked and later taken to Lucky's Yard. Everyone cheers for the two and Zorran gets splashed by Warrior.



  • Because of an ISBN error, this book is listed as "Run Around" on some online markets.


  • O.J.'s and Hercules' numbers are missing.
  • In one illustration, Warrior and Zug are missing their headlamps.
  • O.J. is missing his mast.
  • Hercules is missing his moustache.


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