The Salvage Fleet is a fleet of tugs located up river. Not much is known about the fleet as its captain was not seen. The company also works for the logging camp.

Billy Shoepack is a member of this fleet. Sunshine used to be part of this fleet prior to joining the Star tugs. According to Sunshine and Billy Shoepack, there used to be a floating crane which was apparently scrapped.

The Salvage Fleet's tugs are commonly seen in white.

According to the Star Tugs Trust's blog, if TUGS were to have a second series, it would prominently take place up river due to convenience for the production team. More characters would've been introduced and existing concepts would've been expanded on. It is likely that the Salvage Fleet would've been featured more had the show continued.

Salvage Fleet

The Salvage Fleet
Billy ShoepackSunshine (formerly) • Billy's Barges
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