A schooner is a sailing vessel used for transporting cargo. Many of these work at Bigg City Port.


When it was the big heatwave in Bigg City Port, some schooners were one of the vessels which were found to have sickness aboard. They had to stay anchored out of port out in the estuary and fly a checkered flag to show that they are in quarantine for forty days and to avoid all shipping to stay clear.

Captain Star once ordered Boomer to tow a schooner out to sea early morning, but unfortunately, lightning struck the schooner's sails. The Fire Tug later towed Boomer and the burnt-out schooner back to Bigg City Port.


Some schooners are painted brown while others are painted white. They all have white masts.

After Tugs

After TUGS' production ended, a model of a schooner was sold to The Britt Allcroft Company to be used in the Thomas & Friends television series. The involved model was used on-set as a background prop for the harbours.



  • It is unknown whether or not the schooners were supposed to have character roles in the cancelled second season of Tugs.
  • A schooner was seen in the end credits of Tugs.


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