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"Hahahaha! That'll be nice!"
Sea Rogue's uncle, Pirate

Sea Rogue's uncle is the uncle of Sea Rogue. His real name, if he has one, is currently unknown. However, he was nicknamed Old Man by Sea Rogue and referred to as The Old Tug by Captain Star.


Sea Rogue's uncle was once trapped in an old warehouse by some pirates. The pirates made his nephew, Sea Rogue, steal barges for them in order to set him free, otherwise, they would scuttle him. One night, Sea Rogue was found by Ten Cents and Sunshine. After some explaining done, they came up with a plan to capture the pirates. Meanwhile, Zip and Zug found the old warehouse and the stolen barges, but were soon chased out by the pirates. After they had left the old warehouse, Grampus went to save Sea Rogue’s uncle. In the morning, Sea Rogue and his uncle left for Up River.


His livery consists of a black hull, a light orange superstructure, and a red funnel. He wears a black bowler hat. The starboard side of his superstructure is boarded up.



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  • After Tugs' production ended, his model was purchased by The Star Tugs Company, an organisation which aimed to restore and preserve the models.
  • He is one of the characters that only has one face mask, the others being Frank, Eddie, Old Rusty, Burke, Blair, and Johnny Cuba.
  • He is one of two tugs with faces without names, the other being the Fire Tug.
  • His model was later turned into Boomer; however, there are some hints that the model was in the midst of being changed back into Sea Rogue's uncle to prepare for the cancelled second season (his funnel is red and Boomer's is green, but the red funnel is the one on the model).