"Hey Warrior, are you sure you know your way?"
Shrimpers, Ghosts

Shrimpers are fishing boats that collect shrimps. Many of these work at Bigg City Port and Up River.


Shrimpers are commonly found shrimping in small groups of four or five. Once, Warrior almost ran into some that were shrimping. During the fog, some shrimpers were using Warrior as a guide through the fog, back to port. Unfortunately, they were lead into a mudbank. A shrimper also watched the Star Tugs bring in the Duchess, one shrimper also attended the regatta parade held on the 4th of July.


The shrimpers have white superstructures and red superstructures.

After Tugs

After Tugs' production ended, two shrimper models were sold to Britt Allcroft, the creator of the Thomas & Friends television series. Before being used on-set, the models were given some modifications. One model was given a new superstructure while another one had its megaphone removed and its superstructure repainted to white. Both models were given names; Jacqueline and Katherine. The models were then used on-set as background props for the harbours.



Voice Actors


  • The shrimpers speak with Cockney accents.
  • It is likely that the shrimpers' models were built from model kits or unused boats from the first two series of its sister show to save the costs of having to build custom models.