The Fultan Ferry is a paddle-driven ferry used for transporting vehicles and freight across the harbour.


The Fultan Ferry departs from the ferry terminal, where she is loaded with vehicles and freight on a regular timetable.

Once, O.J. had to deliver a fire barge to the ferry pier, meanwhile, the Fultan Ferry followed an intersecting path. O.J. suddenly spotted a motorboat rapidly approaching him from the distant harbour entrance. Before he knew it, it was right on top of him. O.J. reversed out of the way just in time, but his faulty engine spinned him, swinging his fire barge into the Fultan Ferry. The Fultan Ferry started to sink, as the fire barge caused a hole in her with water pouring in.

Ten Cents, on his way out to meet O.J., saw the situation and tried to save the Fultan Ferry with a towline. Unfortunately, he was forced to cut the rope, and the ferry sank to the bottom. Sunshine arrived, not too far behind Ten Cents, and was sent to get the emergency services. They brought the floating cranes to rescue her and have her back on the surface.


The Fultan Ferry may be based on the Fulton Ferry that operated in New York City which Bigg City Port is partially based on. The real life Fulton Ferry operated between Brooklyn and Fulton Street in Manhattan.


The Fultan Ferry has a navy blue hull, a white superstructure and light blue doors and windows. She has a green board on either side of her reading "Fultan Ferry Co".

25- knots




  • The Fultan Ferry has the same whistle sound as Sea Rogue and Bluenose.
    Bluenose Hooter 1
  • After TUGS' production was ended, the Fultan Ferry made an appearance on Thomas & Friends, TUGS' sister show.
  • It appears that a large scale prop of the Fultan Ferry was built as seen in close-up shots of the ending scene with Sir Topham Hatt and his mother Dowager Hatt from the Thomas & Friends episode "Gordon and the Gremlin", but it is unknown if the prop was originally built for TUGS or was built for Thomas & Friends.


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