The Missing Barge is the fourth story in the TUGS 1989 Annual.


One morning, Captain Star tells the Star Tugs that a tanker had run aground during a storm which had occurred the previous night. All of the cargo would have to be shipped off, and there was a handsome reward for delivering it safely.

However, Zorran and Zak overhear this conversation. Later, Zorran slices Warrior’s tow rope, and the Z-Stacks then show the barge to the tanker.

That evening, Zorran comes out with the barge, loaded and is then told to take it just outside the harbour limits to where a ship was waiting. However, when the ship turns out to be notorious gangster Johnny Cuba, Zorran decides to trick Sunshine into giving the barge to Johnny in his place.

When Sunshine also notices Johnny, he tells the Customs Launch about his presence who inspects the barge’s contents. Inside are smuggled goods he has been on the lookout for, and while there is no reward (as the tanker had been arrested), Sunshine is congratulated for a job well done.



  • In one illustration, Sunshine's name appears to be missing.