— The Naval Ship yelling a warning to the Star Tugs, Regatta

The Naval Ship is a warship that works for the Navy. It only appeared in the episode, Regatta. It intended to blow up Grampus as part of target practice, but the Star Fleet saved Grampus by replacing him with a timber barge, taken from Zorran, as an alternative. It didn't notice it and blew up the Timber Barge instead of Grampus.



  • Regatta (speaks only in TV version, does not speak in VHS version)

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  • The mold/mould for the hull is currently owned by The Star Tugs Company. There were plans to build it as a full model, but they never happened. The Whole Naval Ship was most likely a cutout.
  • It is loosely based off the USS St. Louis protected cruiser, but without two of its funnels.


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