Treasure Hunt is a Buzz Book and was the last title to be released in the series. It was written by Fiona Hardwick and released in 1990.


Captain Zero tells his tugs about a special cargo that has to be collected at night which he refers to as "treasure". He puts Zorran in charge of the job.

Later, Zorran collects and docks a cargo ship that Burke and Blair were going to scrap. That night, the "treasure" ship arrives, and the cargo is unloaded onto a barge by the quay near the scrap ship. Zorran and the Z-Stacks intend to collect the barge the next morning.

However, Zorran is surprised to find out the barge and the wrecked ship have ended up disappearing. Zorran goes in search of them and spots Ten Cents. He asks Ten Cents for help, but Ten Cents is upset because the Z-Stacks have all of the jobs.

Ten Cents agrees to help as a deal that the Star Fleet can get more work. The Star Tugs start to search around Bigg City to find the "treasure". Eventually, Ten Cents concludes that Burke and Blair might have taken the "treasure" along with Zorran's scrap.

Ten Cents' hunch was correct, and they manage to retrieve the "treasure" from the two scrap dealers. When Captain Zero finds out what had happened, Zorran is reprimanded. Eventually, Zorran comes to the Star Tug pier, and he tells the Stars that Captain Zero has offered them some unimportant jobs.



  • Unlike most stories, Treasure Hunt is one of the only stories to focus more on the Z-Stacks.
  • This is the fourth story to feature Burke and Blair.


  • In one illustration, Warrior is missing his headlamp and fire hose and Big Mac is missing his headlamp.
  • Zorran's number is missing in one illustration.
  • In the last illustration, Sunshine's wheelhouse handrail is white.