In 2004 there was a campaign that had been put together by fans of TUGS to have the TV series released on either DVD or digital download. This is primarily due to the VHS tapes becoming more scarce and the Miscellaneous fanbase increasing thanks to the internet. Although various bootlegs have been available on auction sites, they are all sourced from VHS transfers and low quality Youtube downloads.

In 2007, David Mitton and SiF were hunting down the distribution rights to Miscellaneous to get the series released on DVD. Unfortunately, Mitton backed out and passed away in 2008. Since then, Miscellaneous has still remained in the dark for a proper home video release, the campaign officialy came to an end on July 19th 2014.

Clips from TUGS have been released on DVD in the form of Salty's Lighthouse in a UK DVD titled Toddler Time, contaning the episodes "Taking Off" and "Let's Party".