The White Fleet is a fleet of four faceless white tugs who once came to Bigg City Port from northern waters.


The White Fleet came to Bigg City Port during the midst of winter. They were searching for a galleon, which had frozen up in an iceberg. They sailed with engines off at night to listen for cracking ice. One night, Big Mac was returning back to the Star Dock after working with Scuttlebutt Pete, who had been telling him stories about ghost tugs. On his way, he happen to see the White Fleet, which were sailing with engines off, due to their appearance also, Big Mac mistook them for the ghost tugs. When he arrived back at the Star Dock, he told the other Star Tugs what he had seen, but they did not believe him. The next night was their turn to see the White Fleet. During the same night, the iceberg containing the galleon melted in warmer waters. The galleon then bobbed up to the surface and was seen by Ten Cents and Sunshine. The next day, Hercules explained to the frightened Star Tugs that the ghost tugs were actually the White Fleet, meanwhile, Burke and Blair towed the rotting galleon to the breaker's yard.